New chapter of school enterprise cooperation, collaborative education and common development

Time:2024/04/25 Reading volume:50 Source: Shenzhen Raindi Technology Co., Ltd

Raindrop technology and Hechi University "signing ceremony of school enterprise talent strategic cooperation and listing ceremony of training and employment base"

Recently, raindrop technology and Hechi University jointly held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between school and enterprise talents and the listing ceremony of training and employment base in Hechi University. The president of the hospital miaojian, President Peng and the founders of raindrop wangshiwei and zhengdezhi attended the ceremony.


At the meeting, raindrop founders wangshaowei and zhengdezhi expressed their gratitude to Hechi University on behalf of raindrop.

Talent training plays a key role in the development of enterprises. School enterprise cooperation provides a good platform for enterprises, which conforms to social trends and enterprise needs. Enterprise participation is the only way for school enterprise cooperation, and it is also the solid support for the sustainable development of education, so that both sides can achieve mutual benefit.


The successful signing ceremony provided a new way for the school and enterprise to further carry out multi-level, multi form and multi field cooperation, realize the organic combination and optimal allocation of school and enterprise resources, jointly cultivate talents needed for economic and social development, and also created a new model for raindrop's human resource application.

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