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Shenzhen raindi Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of machine vision and digital high-frequency power solutions and products in China. In recent years, the company has applied its experience accumulated in embedded solutions and product development to the field of machine vision and digital high-frequency power supply. It is unique and has formed a series of products with distinctive characteristics in miniaturization, high integration and ease of use.

The intelligent vision developed by raindi adopts AI image recognition technology with integrated design, embedded display screen and light source controller. Real time image display, high efficiency and stability, ultra-low power consumption, simple installation and convenient operation. It is widely used in various application scenarios such as screening and loading, quality detection, and collaborative manipulator grasping and alignment in automatic production. It has formed a full range of products from simple feature extraction to AI recognition, edge computing, etc.

The UHF induction heating equipment developed by raindi adopts digital phase-locked control technology. The product has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation, good stability, non-contact and instant response. Support analog quantity PWM and self programming three output control modes. It is widely used in solar photovoltaic, alloy sawtooth, hardware welding and other fields.

Raindi adheres to the concept of "gathering wisdom and casting excellent quality", and continues to improve and improve. We will serve our customers wholeheartedly with high-quality and stable products.

Development history

Glorious 15 Years

  • 2023

    Raindrop Technology\'s high-frequency induction power supply, led by Huimu Vision in the photovoltaic industry
  • 2021

    Raindrop Technology has established offices in Wenling, Zhejiang and Suzhou, Jiangsu respectively
  • 2020

    Raindrop Technology Holdings Dongguan Junzhi and Zhejiang Yiman
  • 2017

    Raindrop Technology integrates embedded systems into the never disconnected Huimu Vision HM-01P for application
  • 2014

    Raindrop Technology\'s PDA leads the express delivery industry, while high-frequency induction power leads the welding machine industry
  • 2011

    Shenzhen Raindrop Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, and the high-frequency induction power supply was launched on the market in the same year
  • 2008

    Shenzhen Huayu Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Raindrop Technology, was established

Corporate culture

Corporate missionTechnology leadership, pursuit of excellence, self realization, and co creation of the future

Corporate missionGathering wisdom and forging excellent quality

Our quality policyStriving for excellence, continuous improvement, focusing on quality, and building a brand

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