Introduction to the Development and Application of High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Time:2024/04/15 Reading volume:136 Source: Shenzhen Raindi Technology Co., Ltd

With the development of the market, the application of induction heating equipment has penetrated into many welding manufacturers. Especially the application of high-frequency induction heating equipment has been improved.

The working principle of high-frequency induction heating equipment:

The principle of high-frequency induction heating is to arrange an induction coil inside the furnace. The high-frequency oscillating current passing through this coil will generate electromagnetic induction phenomenon in the furnace, thereby quickly generating strong induction current on the surface of the metal device to be heated. The skin effect will appear on the metal surface, forming high temperature. Basically, all induction heating equipment follows this principle, but selecting appropriate equipment with controllable technology ensures stable operation, energy efficiency, high output power, and strong reliability.

Advantages of High Frequency Induction Heating Plug Red Envelope:

(1) It also has constant current and constant power control functions, greatly optimizing the metal heating process and achieving fast heating;

(2) Featuring a full load design, it can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption. Realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality, and simplify worker operations.

(3) It can automatically adjust the power and time of heating and insulation processes, which is beneficial for improving the quality and repeatability of heating, simplifying worker operations, simple installation, replacing various dangerous gas heating such as gas, without the generation of open flames, and the operation is relatively safe;

(4) To improve production efficiency while generating better economic benefits.

Application of high-frequency induction heating equipment:

The high-frequency heating furnace adopts induction heating technology, which directly heats the workpiece. The power electronic devices used in traditional induction heating equipment are electronic tubes and fast thyristors. Electronic tubes have high voltage, poor stability, strong radiation, and low efficiency, and are on the brink of elimination. However, due to their high frequency and high power, they still have a place in the market. Fast thyristors are currently the main force of applications, with high voltage resistance, high current, and strong resistance to overcurrent and overvoltage. But it can only operate below 10000Hz, which limits its range of use.

The development space of high-frequency induction heating equipment: The high-frequency heating furnace adopts IGBT as the main component, IGBT is a composite power device that combines the advantages of bipolar power transistors and power MOSFETs. It has voltage control, high input impedance, low driving power, simple control circuit, low switching loss, fast on/off speed, high operating frequency, and large component capacity. It not only reaches frequencies that thyristors cannot reach (above 60kHz), but is also gradually replacing fast thyristors. IGBT has been widely used for induction heating from 1kHz to 80kHz abroad, which is the development direction of induction heating power supply. It also meets the development needs of existing customers.

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